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If you urgently need money Now, while you are waiting for your case to settle, we can advance you cash from your potential lawsuit.

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Insurance Settlement Loans

Insurance Settlement LoansIt can take months even years for a lawsuit to settle for a fair settlement amount. And even after you win or settle your case, it can sometimes take a while until you get the actual settlement money from the insurance company or defendant.

If you have a pending lawsuit or even a settled lawsuit and need money today, Accident Claims Loan can provide you pre-settlement funding on your expected lawsuit settlement.

Accident Claims Loan makes borrowing money against lawsuit easy. There is no-credit check, no out of pocket fees, no income requirements, and no monthly payments.

In addition, the pre settlement loan on settlement is paid back only if you win or settle your case or the claim is paid.

Don't look any further if you are searching for insurance settlement loans. If you have an active case or waiting for the settlement check on a settled case, we can provide you a  no-risk settlement accident cash advance until you get your settlement money.

Contact Accident Claims Loan today if your bills are piling up or have a financial emergency. Loans on insurance settlements put cash in your hands now, while you wait for the money for lawsuit.  

Loans On Insurance Settlements



Pre Settlement Loans

Pre Settlement LoansAccident Claims Loan is a leading pre settlement lawsuit funding company providing legal funding products to personal injury accident victims throughout the United States.

We are the first choice for accident victims searching for fast accident money advances at the lowest possible  rates in the settlement funding lawsuit loan industry.

Lawsuit settlement funding have save thousands of bodily injury claimants and personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs from financial disaster. When you borrow money on lawsuit, you can use the settlement advance to pay your rent, child care obligations, tuition, medical bills, mortgage, utility, car payment, surgery, or anything you need.

We provide a wide variety of pre-settlement funding products including insurance settlement loans, accident loans, surgery lawsuit funding, post settlement funding, medical treatment lawsuit funding, and lawsuit cash advance.

At Accident Claims Loan, we have the experience and the resources to structure a lawsuit settlement funding package that will meet your immediate financial needs and long term goals. Our pre settlement loans terms are always fair and reasonable.

Pre Settlement Lawsuit Funding

Settlement Loan CompanyWe offer pre-settlement loans for most lawsuits and injury claims. We specialize in auto accident loans, slip and fall accident lawsuit funding, wrongful death legal funding, trip and fall accident lawsuit loans, auto accident loans, pedestrian knock down lawsuit funding, medical malpractice settlement loans, car accident loans, premises accident settlement loans, and products liability settlement loans. 

We are dedicated to helping innocent accident victims remain financially stable while they wait for a fair settle from the insurance company or defendant. We can provide you with the financial resources you need to fight the insurance company and their team of defense attorneys for all the money you deserve for your pain and suffering.

We provide settlement loans all across America, in almost 50 states. We specialize in Minnesota insurance settlement loans, lawsuit loans New York, settlement loans California, settlement loans Georgia, settlement loans in Florida, lawsuit loans New Jersey, settlement loans Atlanta, Pennsylvania settlement loans, settlement loans Texas, and throughout the United States. 

Get theinsurance settlement loans you need Today. There’s no complicated paperwork and your credit history is not a factor.

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