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Reisch Construction currently provides homeowners professional home improvement to become part of the energy solution! We are making your neighborhood beautiful one house at a time. Reisch Construction gets all the details before starting your project. Offering quality products at a good price. More and more homeowners are looking for energy saving solutions for both their pocket and a greener planet. Reisch Construction has the experience to get your investment on the right track. We are located in Boise, Idaho and work on many projects in the surrounding area. We are available for long distance work with added necessary travel expenses.

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  • Reisch Construction is licensed, insured, and bonded.
  • EPA Lead Renovation Certified.
  • Idaho Power Improvement Participating Contractor.
  • FHA Title One Financing Approved Contractor.
  • OSHA 40 Hour Training.
  • Approved and certified contractor by the Neighborhood Beautification Assistance Program.

Satisfied Clients Are Saying

"I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Craig Reisch. I have had the honor of using Reisch Construction for several different jobs. The first job Craig did for us was to replace all of the windows in our home with a new high quality vinyl. Craig did his research and found us high quality windows at a competitive price. His promptness and work ethic to this project was exemplary. I appreciated his openness, honesty and willingness to find the best priced windows.

The second project Craig did for us was to reroof our home and replace the gutters. He was on top of new colors and products on the market. After discussing our desires to update our entire home he found me an excellent painter that came out and painted and refinished our back wood deck. The new paint, roof, gutters and windows lead to the next project which was the purchase and installation of new front door. With his knowledge of the industry he helped us find a local business to mill a beautiful new door. He installed the door and hardware within days.

The third project Craig did for us was a complete remodel of our master bathroom. I cannot begin to express how impressed and pleased I am with the finished project. Craig knows how to utilize his resources. After much time planning and discussing the expected outcome we left Craig in charge and went to Mexico. His high expectations and standards created the most incredible modern bathroom. He uses several different technicians that specialize in many different areas. I appreciate that he utilizes others and shares the wealth. He is easy to work with and is prompt with requests. His pricing is fair and he does impeccable work. If you are considering any type of work around your home I highly recommend that you utilize Reisch Construction."

Best Regards,
Kandis Kramer, January 21, 2015

"I have had numerous work performed in my house by Reisch Construction. I highly recommend the company and work they perform. They are honest, professional, and the work is exceptional. I have never worked with a company that is so accommodating and goes above and beyond thinking of the home owner’s needs at all times. Craig worked with me and the price of my projects so we could stay within my budget. Having a company so flexible and cooperating is such a pleasure. These are the reasons why I will contact Reisch Construction in the future for all of my home needs."
Tammy Creswell - November 2, 2014
Installed skylight in Tammy's home kitchen.

"To whom it may concern, it came as no surprise to find out that Craig Reisch has formed his own company. I have personally know Craig for over 25 years and worked with him at two different companies. His vast knowledge and experience in the construction industry make him a real asset to any project. He has successfully managed projects from residential and commercial tenant remodels to challenges such as elevator replacements in an active hospital. He has also done several improvement projects on my home. His attention to detail and vast knowledge of interacting with government agencies from local to state to federal is invaluable. I highly recommend you take advantage of his services, as I plan to, on your next home improvement project."
Jim H. , Operations Manager, Northwest Technologies, Inc.

"Your firm recently completed a near-total rebuilding of the 340 square foot deck on our Northeast Boise home. This project was vitally important to both my wife and myself. Our deck is our outdoor living space. This Redwood deck was 23 years old and in real need of TLC. We wanted it rebuilt in the image of the original deck…only better and stronger. In a mere three and one-half days, Reisch construction accomplished just that…a better, stronger deck with quality Redwood deck boards and treated lumber framing ( a critical element because our deck is at ground level). The old deck had sagged almost two inches in places due to rot in the old, non-treated framing lumber. All of that was corrected by Reisch Construction and brought back to the original design, a pleasing diagonal layout.

Please view this photo of our finished deck after we completed the staining. The results are outstanding. For us, this is the image of quality. As a Sales Representative for one of the nation’s largest distributors of building materials, I know quality products and workmanship when I see them.
Thank you, Reisch Construction."

Jem and Marilyn Hern

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What is NBAP?

(Neighborhood Beautification Assistance Program)

This program exists to help homeowners get the energy efficient upgrades needed today. More homeowners are wanting and needing to save money on their electric bill by upgrading windows, improving insulation, upgrading siding, and much more. NBAP offers a certified home energy audit to find out how much money you can save by fixing undetectable issues in your home.

Most homeowners do not realize how much heating and cooling costs are going to their porch or backyard. Reisch Construction is one of the few certified contractors in the Boise area who are part of the NBAP mission. Qualified homeowners save money on their monthly electric bill as soon as upgrades are finished on your home. Find out today if you can be a part of the energy saving revolution!

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Learn More About Osprey Building Performance

(Osprey Building Performance Website)

Osprey Building Performance is a building performance firm that provides diagnostic testing, verifications, certifications and energy assessments for homes and small commerical buildings. Each home or building requires personal attention to its own unique properties and circumstances.

Osprey works with contractors in the residential construction industry to provide Energy Star®, HERS Ratings and Code Compliance Verification for new homes. These services focus on improving the comfort, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality.

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